The Paper

Download My Paper Here! If you are having trouble downloading it, I have taken the liberty to copy and paste the full text below! Beware, it wont look as pretty! So before you resort to reading it below, please Try again!      My Media Life When I was in sixth grade, I signed up […]

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To test my media usage, I decided to try to stop using computers (desktops or laptops) for anything but schoolwork. This test was pretty difficult at first because I use my laptop for so many other things: gaming, social networking, etc. When my laptop broke, I began using “actual “computers much less frequently because it […]

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Testing Field Notes

Facebook– Average amount of site visits per day = About 30 short visits, 7 long visits Average amount of other users interacted with per day = About 20 through Facebook chat, about 7 through wall posts or comments, and about 35 through likes Accessed through = Facebook App Twitter – Average amount of site visits […]

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The Game Plan

Because I have been living without my laptop for a couple of weeks, I have already started my “diet” portion of this exercise. I have noticed extreme changes in the way I use media just because one of my favorite tools for accessing the internet has been taken away. I have been collecting field notes […]

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So Far…

It has been very interesting to take a step back and look at the way I use media, but it has also been strangely uncomfortable. Without realizing it, I have developed certain habits and rituals that I follow almost every day. Every time I access these websites or these apps, I am driven by this […]

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Doing a couple walkthroughs with my friends taught me the following things about my average experiences online – Reddit: I’m usually in “autopilot mode” while surfing through my feed, but sometimes I laugh out loud at jokes or feel engaged and impressed by a new piece of information. I rarely ever feel the need to […]

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Field Notes:

Reddit – Average amount of site visits per day = 3 (2 short visits, 1 long visit) Average amount of other users interacted with per day = 0 Accessed through = Computer Main uses = Killing time, finding new music, entertainment, updates on world news Facebook– Average amount of site visits per day = About […]

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